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Ted Steele **

Ted Steele **

Ted Warren Steele, 74, of Chesterfield, Virginia, passed away Wednesday, October 25, 2017.  He was born in Mt. Pleasant, Pa. and moved to Charlotte, N.C. at the age of nine.  Folloowing graduation from Harding High School, he received his B.S. in engineering from Duke University, where he was a life member of the Alumni Association.  Ted was preceded in death by his parents, Ernest S. and Rose B. Steele; and two brothers, Ernest, Jr. and William E. Steele.  After 25 years of service domestically and abroad, he retired as a project manager from Honeywell.  He was a life member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and previously held Professional Engineering licenses in both North and South Carolina.  He is survived by his high school sweetheart and wife of 54 years, DiAnne Kennedy Steele; daughter, Marissa and her husband, Damon, of Clayton, N.C.; son, Derek S. Steele and his wife Regina; two grandsons, Colin J. and Nicholas S. Steele of Jarrettsville, Md.  Ted loved his family, his Duke Blue Devils, fly fishing, golf and his volunteer work with the Highlands-Massey Golf Tournaments, Chesterfield Colonial Heights Christmas Mother, and Nifty Fifty Plus group.    (Ted underwent heart surgery on Tuesday morning, October 24, and was doing extremely well in recovery; however, by evening his tachycardia reared its ugly head, and this time his heart just would not restart.)

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10/29/17 06:51 PM #6    

C. Stephen (Steve) Davis (Class Of '62)

DiAnne, I am so sorry to learn of Ted's passing.  He was always a very smart and considerate person in high school.. My prayers will be for you and your family.


10/29/17 08:01 PM #7    

Patsy Outen (James)

Diane, I am so sorry to learn that Ted passed away.  As you know, we were in grammar school at Wesley Heights and High School together.  Ted was always a nice and very pleasant guy.  I know you and your family will greatly miss him.  Sincerely, Patsy

10/30/17 08:49 AM #8    

Jatana Mullis (Bremer)

Dianne, so sorry to hear of Ted's passing.  Prayers for you and your family.


10/30/17 09:20 AM #9    

Heath Strawn Jr

DiAnne, I am very sad to hear of Ted's passing.  He was such a great guy and you were perfect for each other.  You and your family are in our prayers.

I will always cherish the memories of our the fun and issues we had growing up beside each other on Highland Street.

God bless you and your family.

Heath Strawn

10/30/17 10:01 AM #10    

Jim Drye

Dianne, I am so sorry to hear of Ted's passing. Even though we ran in different circles in High School I always considered Ted a good friend and someone I could always could depend on. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. Jim Drye

10/30/17 11:24 AM #11    

Alona Stewart (Weddine)

I am so saddened to learn of Ted's unexpected death.  He was a gentle, caring, and generous man.  I am glad to have known him.  I know that your family must have been devastated, and I want you to know that I care, and that you are in my prayers, and will be for days to come.  Though it is extremely difficult, your faith will carry you through.  

Blessings to you and your family,



10/30/17 01:08 PM #12    

Pat Jones (Lee)

There have been so many wonderful comments made about our Classmate, Ted, because he was simply so likable!  My memories go all the way back to Wesley Heights Elementary, so, as with some others, it's just really hard to think of his being gone from us.  It's like we had a family of friends all the way through Wesley Heights and then Harding.  I remember so clearly how Ted, along with other boys in our 4th and 5th grade classes would come in from their safety patrol assignment, and would throw their patrol belts to a girl in the class to roll up for them!  Sounds silly, doesn't it, but it happened!  And about all of the girls in class hoped we'd be on the receiving end of his throw!  And then there was the time at his 4th or 5th grade birthday party when, for the first time, all of us learned what the "spin the bottle" game was!!!  That lasted until Ted's Mom came on the scene. 

It's funny the things that come back to you about people you really like and care about, and Ted was certainly one of those.  He was always kind, thoughtful, smiling, and, in high school years, just so gentlemanly. We're glad Ted was in our lives, and our sharing of sadness is extended to all his loved ones.  In friendship, Pat

10/31/17 10:26 AM #13    

Nancy Julian (Hadaway)

Ted and I didn't share elementary school days - Wesley Heights VS Bethune.  Upon moving to the Wesley Heights neighborhood, I discovered Ted lived on Walnut Ave. and I on Grandin Rd.  It wasn't until the HHS site went up in 2010 that we connected becoming fast modern day 'Pen Pals'.  Ted contributed greatly to my seafood research of a few years ago; not the least of which were a few of his favorite seafood (salmon) receipts.

The 23 months with my sweetheart a stroke patient led to comfort and loving support from both Ted and DiAnne.  I carry this connection to this day.

The Steele Family Team of '2' were a Dynamic Duo - no need for question or discussion!!  Add to that two wonderful children - Marissa and Derek, spouses, and precious grands - Nick and Colin.  Prayers are being lifted up as you navigate through the grief process.  I'm available if/when you need me.

YIBOASG / Yours in the bond of another sweetheart gone,



12/14/17 09:35 AM #14    

John Crosby

I have waited to post a comment about was just too painful God got a wonderful man when he took Ted; there was just no finer no more honest, genuine man who ever lived and the world is in a far worse place because he is no longer with us. I can still see that smile, hear that laugh, that amazing wrinkle of the brow when Ted wanted to be serious. I remember him with Dianne behind the wheel of the "Black Maria", proud as if it were a new Corvett.

Ted, even though I haven't seen you in a long time, I will never forget you.

Until we meet again, so long my brother,



02/01/18 11:44 AM #15    

Gerald Gibson

Dianne...I am so sorry to hear about Ted.  I don't visit the site

but a few times a year so this is a little late.  I can't forget his smiling face when we saw each other at the 50th Reunion.  He remembered the softball game we had as 4th graders...I went to Zeb Vance and we traveled over to play his school...Wesley Heights. Jim Drye played on our team too.   It was a lot of fun.  In High School we had a good  freindship and he helped me a lot with some of my classes that we shared...I owed him a lot for that.  He was a true Ram before he became a Blue Devil. Take care of youself and hold Ted dear to your from Arizona.   Gerald

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